How to Keep your Mobility Aids in Good Condition Throughout the Winter

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With the warmer days of spring still a little way away, it’s important to keep your mobility aid in tip-top condition throughout the winter while you’re not using it as much. Whether you have a mobility scooter, transit, self-propelled or powered wheelchair, venturing out in dark, cold, wet and, sometimes icy, weather can be somewhat of a challenge! In this post, we’re sharing a few hints and tips to keep your mobility aid up and running so you can remain independent during the winter while feeling as confident as possible.

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Servicing and Repairs

Even if you’re not using your mobility aid as much, it’s still important to keep it in good condition. If you have a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, ensure the battery does not go flat while it is not in use by continuing to charge at least once a week. Here at Countrywide, our team of fully-trained engineers offer a servicing and repair service to check the battery, as well as common signs of wear and tear. They can work on any mobility aid, ensuring that they are in good working order so that you can get back to moving around independently and with confidence.

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Protect your Mobility Aid from the Weather

If you have an electric mobility scooter, it’s important to keep it protected from wet weather. We recommend investing in a control panel cover to shield the electric components. Not only will this keep the panel dry and in great condition, but it will also allow you to use the scooter safely and see the controls through a waterproof transparent top cover.

Check the Tyres

As you may be spending more time at home this winter, it’s a good idea to check your tyres in time for the warmer days ahead. After a period of reduced use, tyre pressure can become low, leaving you with tyres that are more susceptible to punctures. Nowadays, many mobility aids are manufactured with durable, puncture-proof tyres, but there’s no harm in checking for wear and tear to ensure longevity. Checking tyre condition and pressure is part of a standard service that we can carry out on your mobility product.

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Keep your Mobility Aid Clean

Keeping your mobility aid clean will increase the lifespan of its components, and reduce the risk of maintenance work in the future. Give it a quick wipe over after going out, especially if the weather conditions have been wet or muddy.

As sellers of the top mobility aids in Worcester, we’re always on-hand to offer help and advice whenever you need it. Whether you’d like to make use of our servicing and repair service, or get advice on the best mobility aid for you, just get in touch with us on 01905 29950.

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Posted on 29th December 2020

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