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mobility aids in Worcester

Here at Countrywide Mobility, we sell a range of mobility aids in Worcester and only work with trusted suppliers who have excellent reputations for manufacturing top-quality, durable products. In this post, we highlight some of the key things to consider before buying a new wheelchair, which can often seem like a daunting process.

As always, our team will always be on hand to help you find the right wheelchair for you, so get in touch or visit our store in Worcester to find out more.

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1. Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

Firstly, there are two main types of manual wheelchairs. Self-propelled wheelchairs allow the wheelchair an attendant to push or a user to propel themselves around independently. With larger wheels, they are designed to have ‘push rims’ to help the occupant to grip and move the wheels easily.

mobility aids in Worcester

Here at Countrywide Mobility, we stock the CW150 and CW1500 transit self-propelled wheelchairs, which have folding back frames and are lightweight, making for easy storage and travel. We also provide the CWLite 2, which is ultra-lightweight at just 6.4kg. It also has an S-Ergo Seat System, which provides pressure relief for long periods of sitting as well as a fixed armrest for added comfort.

As sellers of some of the top mobility aids in Worcester, we have an experienced team of experts who can provide further details on the wheelchairs we provide. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

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2. Attendant-Propelled Wheelchairs

mobility aids in WorcesterAttendant-propelled wheelchairs are a great option for those who intend to rely on someone else to push the wheelchair. They have smaller rear wheels, making the overall weight of the wheelchair lighter and more compact for easier lifting and storage. Attendant brakes on the push handles allow the attendant to slow the wheelchair down instead of pulling the wheelchair to a stop.

We provide the CW1500 Transit and CW150 Transit, as well as the CWLite Transit, which has fixed arm and footrests, a folding back frame and puncture-proof tyres.

3. Specialised Wheelchairs

mobility aids in WorcesterSpecialised wheelchairs are for users who need added support, whether that be a headrest, or the ability to tilt backwards. These wheelchairs ensure optimal variation in seating posture for ultimate comfort. With the ability to adjust depending on the individual’s requirements, specialist wheelchairs are easily customisable and enhance independence in everyday life.

We stock the IBIS Wheelchair, which is quick and easy to adjust with one tool, the Gravity II, which has a choice of 3 seat sizes, and the Karma VIP II, which has a tension adjustable seat and elevating leg rests.

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4. Active Wheelchairs

mobility aids in WorcesterFor the more active wheelchair users who want to exceed their active performance, we also offer a selection of active wheelchairs. We have access to the Quickie range from Sunrise Medical and also The KÜSCHALL range from Invacare. The K-Series has a minimalist, lightweight frame and a versatile seat that can be modified to suit individual needs. Enabling users to perform at a higher level for a longer period of time, these active wheelchairs have a hydroformed knee area, ergonomic grip and a tapered frame, allowing the wheelchair to contour to the body. Discover more about the K-Series here.

5. Wheelchair Accessories

When you’ve decided on the right wheelchair for you, it’s also worth considering wheelchair accessory options. Here at Countrywide, we have handy attachable bags available, which make day-to-day life a little easier. Strong and durable, these bags are ideal for most wheelchairs. They have one main compartment, a small zipped front pocket and two side net pockets which are great for drinks bottles. Plus, for added safety, there is a reflective strip along the edge.

Here at Countrywide Mobility, we sell a range of mobility aids in Worcester and have a wealth of experience. All wheelchairs come fully assembled and have 12 months’ labour and manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, three months of free insurance is available on selected wheelchairs.

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Posted on 5th March 2021

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