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We believe that you should be as mobile as possible for as long as possible, even if you need a little extra support with walking aids. Looking ahead to spring, you may be starting to think about upgrading your walking aid ready for more outings. So, we’ve put together this blog post featuring our top 3 walking aids, covering tri walkers and rollators, to help ease your decision. If you’re not sure what kind of aid you should go for yet, check out this blog post.

Uniscan Tri Walker or Tri Walker Plus

Tri Walkers are walking aids with three sets of wheels – one set at the front and two at the back making it easy to manoeuvre around – whilst the Plus model has two additional sets which provide extra stability for the user. Great for use around the house and in shops, its configuration means you can turn tight corners while remaining stable.

These Tri Walkers are some of the best walking aids on the market. They have a lightweight, aluminium frame and fold down to a compact size, making them easy to store and transport. They can also be adjusted to suit the user’s height and requirements. The addition of a front storage bag is a handy feature when out and about. This walking aid also features a comfortable fold-away padded rest seat.

With looped cable brakes that are easily activated and lockable for seat safety, this tri walker is arthritic-friendly and the front wheel swivels for increased manoeuvrability. All in all, this is a fantastic product and well worth considering as your next walking aid, should your requirements match.


Rollators are also fantastic walking aids. With four wheels providing excellent stability, rollators are particularly useful when moving across slightly more uneven surfaces such as bumpy pavements. Here at Countrywide Mobility, we can provide a whole range of rollators to suit different needs. One of the key rollators we provide is the Premier Rollator.

This Premier Rollator has a rustproof and robust aluminium frame providing longevity and stability, while also offering a smooth experience for the user. Lightweight and easy to transport, this walking aid has a padded seat which flips up for access to a storage compartment. Its solid, puncture-proof tyres provide increased manoeuvrability over a variety of different surfaces, making it suitable for indoor and outside situations.

You can also adjust the handle height, and the anatomically designed handles allow for a comfortable grip. Easily-activated looped cable brakes are also arthritic-friendly and are lockable for additional stability and safety.

If you’d like to find out more about this, or any of our other walking aids, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 01905 29950.

Suspension Rollator

Providing a little more support, the Suspension Rollator helps to ease common aches and pains caused by uneven or rough terrains. Having four wheels set on short legs maintains the centre of mass at a lower level, providing increased stability. The frame itself is designed to absorb vibrations transmitted through the rollator, taking the strain from the user. Providing a smooth journey, this walking aid lessens impact on the user and, with a handy seat and flexible backrest, it also allows the user to rest when needed.

With an ultra-lightweight aluminium frame, the Suspension Rollator folds easily for compact storage and transportation. Handle height is adjustable and, for those who need it, it also has a cane holder, making transition between walking aids easy. Plus, a handy removable bag makes outings simple and hassle-free.

If you’d like to find out more about our walking aids, or any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01905 29950. You can also email us at

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Posted on 1st February 2021

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